Art & Entertainment Organization

NISSEN HUT LIMITED is an art & entertainment base private organization with it’s wings of classified departments, Intended to establishment of Audio-Visual Productions, Film Promotion, Distribution to Research & Publications.
Nissen Hut Limited started his journey in 2011 by the activation of Cineaste Studio, an Independent Audio-Visual Production Studio to work in the range of Fiction, Non-Fiction to Commercials. Chourasta will support as in-house & external Marketing & Communication assistance to organize Events or Promoting Films from Branding to Distributions. Gangasnan is a Research & Publication house will work on the development of film culture by publishing research material & periodicals on Asian Cinema and publishing books and magazine in various issues.

Film Production Studio

CINEASTE STUDIO is a filmmaking & design station of NISSEN HUT LIMITED for young committed filmmakers, writers and designers based in Dhaka. We are open to produce independent fictions & non-fictions projects as well as commercial ones, and have necessary skills to provide support to individuals and organizations. Cineaste Studio is a self-dependent studio with professional directors, producers, writers, creative crews, designers, and technicians committed to serve for our film industry.

Marketing & Distribution

CHOURASTA is an in-house marketing and co-ordination wing of NISSEN HUT LIMITED. And an open communication business school to learn & discover film promotion & distribution methodology for next generation market. And to deal and enhance the financial development for contemporary Film Marketing. Supportively it’s range will strengthen up by managing instant events, designing creative content and publishing with web & software development, Digital Marketing etc for our valued corporate clients.

Research & Publications

GANGASNAN is a Research & Publication house of NISSEN HUT LIMITED specially to work on the socio-educational development in intellectual film culture. Gangasnan will continue to research & publish various books on world cinema simultaneously with a monthly journal on cinema for the uprising cinemascope of Bengal region. In the intermittent, it will publishe books and digital publiocations in varried issues.

Boutique and Agriculture is an online display & sales network for ANNO & BOSTRO located in Pallabi residential area Mirpur 12, Dhaka. To serve people at their doorsteps with fine, wise, traditional, spiritual, fresh, green, healthy clothing & Food product solutions.

A Musical Band

DIBBOGYAANI- A musical Band to promote pure passion of Fakir Lalon songs by his followers. It is initiated organically from the artist & musicians of Kustia, Rajbari, Chuadanga, Meherpur, Faridpur etc. Its 1st show to the public arranged in the Dhaka Lit Fest 2018. 10th November. Baul Aklima Fakir is leading artist of the Band and also named the title of the team. With join venture of CANVAS it also started a Musical training programm. Its 1st show to the public arranged in the Dhaka Lit Fest 2018. 10th November. Baul Aklima Fakir is leading artist of the Band and also named the title of the team.
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